Our new EDM 67K rig working at Damang Mine in Ghana.

Our new EDM 67K rig working at the Damang Pit in Ghana

Our new, recently acquired EDM 67K rig is on its first day of work in the Damang pit in Ghana, ready to go a few more layers deeper!

The Damang mine is located near Tarkwa, Ghana, and spreads over a vast area of 23,000 hectares. It has been operational since 1977 and has produced 4,000,000+ ounces of gold until the production stopped in 2013.

Its operation was renewed in 2016 for another eight years and is set to produce additional 1,500,000 ounces of gold while providing close to 2000 jobs. It is a remarkable project which is a major contributor to the Ghanaian economy and communities.

Specific drill programs, with the use of Reverse Circulation and Diamond drilling, were designed to establish stratigraphic and structural relationships and to enable samples to be collected for metallurgical test work at the Damang mine.

The Grade control on a mine is the center of operation allowing the definition of resources to be mined on a daily basis, the capacity to drill steadily throughout the program is of the utmost importance; With the EDM 67K, a powerful new rig, DMA can provide 95% availability and extended productivity, for our clients to focus on their gold production.

Drilling and support equipment plays one of the most critical roles in ensuring reliable and uninterrupted drilling services in remote areas of West Africa. Having applied years of experience, DMA has assembled a fleet of 20+ drill rigs capable of fully supporting a wide range of mining and exploration projects. Explore our equipment fleet if you are looking for a reliable drilling partner in West Africa.