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We support local communities and their environment


Reducing our footprint with targeted initiatives

We understand that we often carry out our business operations at the cost of surrounding local communities and the environment. Because of this, we recognize the importance of sustainable drilling and believe that our industry must address critical challenges in using land, energy, and the way we interact with people around us.

Our approach to sustainability is driven by two pillars – protecting the environment and supporting local communities. By ensuring adequate training programs, implementing good working practices, and contributing to the welfare of the local population and the environment, we minimize the overall footprint of our operations.

local environment

Contribution to the environment

We are always committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment. To ensure this our employees undergo adequate training and education. Additionally, we ensure full compliance with the legal and environmental policies and best practices.

Our team always cleans all drill sites of rubbish before moving to the next one, ensuring no supplies are left at the drill sites. In addition, we take care of all fuel, supplies, and rods, keeping them in an allocated storage area that is adequately bundled and tidy.

Supporting local communities

We are committed to giving back to the local communities we share the space with when carrying out our operations in West Africa. Our approach to social responsibility includes addressing social challenges with sustainable solutions such as community improvement programs or financing projects. Some of our recent initiatives: 


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Our Team

Our workforce is a combination of both local and international expertise. 


Our equipment fleet ensures the maximum level of flexibility and redundancy. 


We pay very close attention to ensuring the protection of the environment.