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Versatile team and equipment for every terrain and ground condition

Fast project turnaround

Competitive pricing

Full autonomy


We know the complexity of sample recovery in remote areas of West Africa

Drilling in the middle of the bush, heavy rain, steep slopes, and a tight schedule to complete an exploration campaign pose a challenge. You need an experienced drilling company able to perform in such conditions and offer solutions to unforeseen situations.


We assemble our team, equipment, and support to meet your requirements

Exploration drilling is our strength due to our experienced workers in both drilling methods and the local environment. We provide a fully autonomous service and handle every aspect of the drilling campaign, our team, and equipment management. In doing so, we allow your team to focus on geology and results only.

Project Planning

We prepare the provisional project plan and timeline and cover everything from crew changes to material logistics.

Our team

We assemble a complete team consisting of skilled drillers, field supervisors, mechanics, and technicians to execute the project.


We provide you with the complete set of drilling rigs and support vehicles and offer adequate set of spares, consumables, and onsite maintenance.

Safety & compliance

We ensure that the team selected has adequate experience specific to your project environment and provide them with full PPE and daily safety inductions.


The entire team and equipment used on site are fully insured by reputable and comprehensive 3rd party insurance companies.


We pay very close attention to the surrounding environment and take adequate measures to ensure a minimal footprint of our operations.


We ensure efficient and accurate sample recovery

Through the years of our operations, we have determined the most accurate and effective drilling methods and support them with only the highest standard equipment in our fleet. 


How we helped Company X acquire their sample in 24 days

Through the years of our experience, we have determined the most accurate and effective drilling methods and furnished them with only the highest standard equipment in our fleet.