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We offer reliable drilling services to support your mining operations

Ability to execute
long-term contracts

Reliable equipment and steady support

Strict focus on safety and environment


We recognise your need for a cost-effective and uninterrupted service

We understand that when drilling at the bottom of the pit, Grade control is key to ensuring a steady level of production. Additionally, in an environment where heavy equipment must operate in small areas, safety is of the utmost importance.

Drilling services for mining section cover


We assemble the team, equipment and support in line with your requirements

At DMA with more than 10 years of experience in mine pits of West Africa, production and safety are the two pillars of our success. Our servicing and maintenance team ensures 90% availability of our rigs. At the same time, drilling supervisors, drillers, and safety officers ensure a safe and secure working environment for our workers. Finally, DMA provides a steady rate all year allowing you to focus on reaching production objectives.

Project Planning

Our drilling team is fully integrated with your operations and onsite procedures through careful project assessment and planning.

Our workforce

We assemble the necessary onsite support team and plan for all necessary crew changes for the duration of the project.


We offer you the complete set of drill rigs and support equipment, and ensure a full set of spares and consumables.

Safety & compliance

We assess all the hazards associated with the project as well as your onsite safety procedures and train our team accordingly.


All personnel and equipment used onsite are fully insured by reputable and comprehensive 3rd party insurance.


All areas of our work are kept clean and tidy at all times and we ensure that the drill sites are left tidy and clean.


Drilling methods that ensure maximum efficiency

Over the years, we have determined the most accurate and effective drilling methods and supported them with only the best equipment. 


How we helped Company X acquire their sample in 24 days

Through the years of our experience, we have determined the most accurate and effective drilling methods and furnished them with only the highest standard equipment in our fleet.